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Save money & work on your credit.

You will need a minimum credit score of 580 and some money saved to purchase a home. You may have a down payment and closing costs depending on what you are buying and what type of financing you obtain. You will also have to pay upfront for inspections and you may have moving expenses.


Do research & start thinking about what you want in a new home.

Figure out the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you need. Start thinking of what area of town you want to live in and look up schools.


Get approved with a mortgage lender.

Talk to a local mortgage company or bank that is familiar with home loans and our community. They will go over the loan process and what will be needed, financially, to purchase a home.


Get with a local Realtor. (Me!!)

Work with a Realtor that knows the local market and has experience. Tell him what price range you are comfortable with and what your must-haves are.


Look at homes online and tour the ones you like most.

There are thousands of homes on the market and your Realtor will help narrow it down for you. Look through pictures and details online and then tour your favorites.


Make an offer on a home and go under contract.

Once you’ve decided on the right home, have your Realtor make an offer and negotiate on your behalf. Sometimes your offer gets accepted and other times it does not. Don’t get discouraged! Sometimes it takes some time to find the right home.  


Once offer is accepted, hire home inspectors to thoroughly check out the property.

You will want to hire various inspectors to thoroughly examine the home. This may include a general inspector, foundation inspector, pest inspector, HVAC technician, plumber, and a roofer.


Request repairs and get items fixed, if applicable.

Review the inspection reports and decide if you want to request repairs.


Get the home appraised.

Your lender will hire an Appraiser to look at the property and ensure it is valued at what you are buying it for.


Get final paperwork completed by the lender and Title Company.

Your lender and the Title Company may request additional documents and paperwork be submitted. It may seem like a lot to turn in, but this is part of the process.


Sign closing paperwork at the Title Company.

You have made it to the closing date! You will need to sign paperwork and bring a check for any down payment and closing costs you have.


Get your keys and move in.

After everything is signed and the loan is funded, get your keys and start moving in.

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