Selling Process

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Talk to a Realtor and hire one you are comfortable with (Me!!)

Set up an appointment for the Realtor to look at your house. He will go over the paperwork and the selling process.


Make any necessary repairs and clean up

First impressions are huge with home buyers. De-clutter your home and get rid of any unnecessary items. This will make your home appear larger and “show” better. Do a very thorough deep clean of your house and get the carpets cleaned, if needed.


Take pictures of your home

Always hire a professional photographer to take pictures of your home. The majority of buyers start their home search by looking online and through pictures. It is imperative to have high-quality photos that highlight your home.


Advertise and market your home

A sign and flyer box will be put in your front yard and the home will be listed on multiple websites. Your home will be advertised on social media and through various channels to get maximum visibility on it.


Home showings

Showings can sometimes be inconvenient, yet are a necessary part of the home selling process. Sometimes you have a few days notice while other times you have a few minutes notice. It is important to maintain a certain level of cleanliness every day so you are always ready for showings. The more inviting and pristine your home is, the better it will be received by potential buyers.


Receive an offer and negotiate on terms

You may receive an offer within the first few days or it may take a couple months. Every home is unique and has a unique timeline. Once you receive an offer, review the terms and see if you want to accept it or counter.


Once offer is accepted, inspections will be performed

The buyer will want to hire various inspectors to thoroughly examine your home. This may include a general inspector, foundation inspector, pest inspector, HVAC technician, plumber, and a roofer.


Request repairs and get items fixed, if applicable

Review the inspection reports and decide if you want to request repairs.


Get the home appraised

The buyer’s lender will hire an Appraiser to look at the property and ensure it is valued at what you are selling it for.


Get final paperwork completed by the lender and Title Company

The buyer’s lender and the Title Company may request additional documents and paperwork be submitted.


Move out your belongings and clean the house

Remove all of your possessions and clean up any trash at your house. This always takes longer than you anticipate so don’t wait until the last minute to start this process.


Sign closing paperwork at the Title Company

You have made it to the closing date! You will need to sign paperwork at the Title Company to complete the sale.


You have now sold your house!

After everything is signed and the loan is funded, you will hand over your keys and get a check for the sale price. Keep in mind, the check amount will be less your closing costs and any remaining mortgage balance.

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